Since the first day I have got this gadget I have been fighting the urge to share my experience. For months the web was flooded by the topic. People love it and people hate it. Is it just a new shiny toy or a great business tool? Some will say it is just an oversized iPod touch. At least this is not true, since my car does not recognize it as one.


So, what is it? First of all, iPad is not a mobile device. At least it is not a handheld – you need both hands to hold it. iPad is not a computer either! This is probably most important feature of the device. It is not your Mac, PC, laptop, nor netbook. But it looks like it can replace you one.

An ideal tool is the one that implements all features without tool. It may sound strange, but do you really needed computer in the first place? [see Exodus] For many people iPad can become a real Personal Computer, especially for ones who are new to the subject. It cannot do everything that computer can, but whatever it does, it doing it better. Even better than Mac. This is a breakthrough that is similar to invention of wireless phones (not the cell phones, just carry-around-the-house ones). Suddenly you do not have to stick to one place while you are talking to someone. In case of iPad it is like taking web browser and carrying it to another room. You just never expected it would weight 1.5 pounds.

Everyone is asking the same questions – what can I do with iPad? Guess what? Guess what? Steve Jobs wants you to answer this question for him. Apple is using the best market research tool – its users and they are also making a couple of bucks on the side. Of course, there are some weird guys who would throw their iPad to a blender, or smash it with hammer. The rest of us just want to play with it.

For example, I realized that iPad is perfect to carry to business meetings. A handheld screen is too small and laptop is too heavy. With iPad I can do email, work with office documents, take notes and even use projector to show a presentation. For me iPad is a perfect “remote control” for services like Youtube or Netflix. Sitting in the living room in front of TV I can use iPad to find and organize videos that I would watch on the big screen. I can also use IMDB to lookup an actor while watching movie. iPad is perfect for reading news, magazines and books. But it is most impressive in showing pictures and video clips.

So, should you buy iPad now, or should you wait until Apple releases the next generation? You know that it will be lighter, faster and cheaper than the first model. Should you take a 3G or a wireless-only model? Do you even need iPad at all? Do not try to find the answer on the web, because only you can answer this question. After all, iPad is a Personal Computer!